My New Home

Last night Dan and I started our trip to my new apartment. We were fortunate enough to stay at the McDonough’s house so we only had to drive half the distance this morning.

Brad must be a master at Tetris if he can pack like this

Brad must be a master at Tetris if he can pack like this

We arrived to my apartment around 10 this morning and Uncle Mike, Aunt Cindy, Alex, and Aaron were here to move some of their stuff in and help.  Very much appreciated!!

Aunt Cindy and I went and grabbed some last minute things.  All week I’ve been concerned about finding a grocery store, but I successfully did that.  For the majority I’m basically settled in here.  We have to wait for a guy to come set up the cable tomorrow, so its kinda weird without a TV as background noise. We also headed to Brigantine for a little so Uncle Mike, Alex, and Aaron could check it out since they haven’t been here before.



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I’m very thankful for the family I have.  They took time out of their busy schedules to come and help me move!

I don’t start my internship until Wednesday but maybe I’ll start training at my (possible) part-time job and there’s always time to be spent on the beach with a book!


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