A Day Full of Firsts

Talk  about going from absolutely nothing to do for three days to doing everything within 13 hours…Today I started both my internship and my new part-time job as a hostess.

One Atlantic

So this morning I woke up at 8:15…I had to be at the office by 10, so I had plenty of time to get ready.  I was ready by like 8:45 so I relaxed a little with Kelly Rippa and Michael Strahan.  As I’m getting ready to leave at 9:15 I realize my keys are missing! GONE! CAN’T FIND THEM! My apartment is not that big so I had no clue where I could’ve possibly lost them. So of course I’m freaking out! I have a spare car key but then I had no way of locking and getting back in my apartment.  After about 5 minutes of panic and a phone call to my mom, I locate them in the bathroom I don’t use.  PROBLEM RESOLVED! So then I get in the car and start my 20 minute commute to work when I realize that the road I was on, wasn’t really anywhere near where I needed to be.  So I took a “lovely” detour through the back streets of Atlantic City on my commute.  GPS involved and PROBLEM RESOLVED! Then I get to the parking garage and let me tell you, a girl from Dillsburg does not do parking garages nor do I understand how you go up or down on levels. I was driving up the same rows for like 5 minutes I swear.  Finally I found a spot and PROBLEM RESOLVED! After all these issues I could’ve sworn I was going to be late for my first day.

photo (2)

Luckily I got there 2-3 minutes early.  Walk into the office and nobody’s there? So I just sit and wait and about 10 minutes later the first person comes in.  She said they had an event the night before that ran late so they were all probably straggling in a little later this morning.  Eventually they all come in and the day begins! I reviewed some paperwork with the director and then she assigned me to an event planner named Eileen.  So for the first three weeks of my internship I will be working with Eileen.  She introduced me to the softwares they use and showed me the kinds of correspondences they were having with brides, along with showing me the filing systems, insurance papers, and floorplans.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays, brides and grooms come in for tastings before their weddings.  The other event planner, Daniela had a tasting today so she let me sit in on it and take notes and observe.  The couple is getting married on October 4, 2014.  So they usually have their tastings 5-6 months out from their event date.  They were a very nice couple and even brought us all these wonderful chocolate covered pretzels!  They were from Bucks County, Pennsylvania so we talked a little about the area.  The bride always wanted to get married down the shore, but originally pictured an outdoor wedding on the beach.  After stumbling upon One Atlantic, they realized it was perfect because there is no issue with weather.  They were so sweet and even invited me to come back to their wedding to see it all executed! hahah So who knows?  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste any of the food today, but my time will come.  Everything looked so delicious!

Here are the butlered hors devours and desserts the couple tasted today! (All photos belong to One Atlantic)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Cellar 32

After my internship, I headed right over to my part-time job and chowed down my packed lunch before my shift at 5. Thanks to my friend Michelle, whom I know from Bloomsburg, I got a job at The Cellar 32 on Brigantine Island.  I will be working as a hostess, and possibly training as a server as time goes on.  I have a lot of experience working in restaurants both as a server and a hostess so a lot of things came very easily to me.  I haven’t hosted in like 3 years so I forgot how sloooooww it can be.  I’m used to serving and being the only server on and running around like a mad woman so this was very slow paced in comparison.  (Granted it was a Wednesday night out of season)  They said it really picks up in June/July and that tonight was very slow anyways.  I think I’m going to like it.  I met a lot of really nice girls that I can see myself hanging out with outside of work.


Today I hit the ground running with both jobs, but I love being busy.  I love having my relaxation time, but for now while I’m living alone, its really nice to be around other people all day and then come home at night and have my alone time.  I had a 13 hour day today between my two positions and the best part…I GET TO DO IT ALL AGAIN TOMORROW!

Goodnight All! ❤


2 thoughts on “A Day Full of Firsts

  1. That sounds like a wild day, but the event planning sounds awesome! You’re working right with the brides and grooms ❤

  2. I love that you are writing about your experiences…it is so great to have a way to keep up with your busy life!! It all sounds awesome:).

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