Sand Sculpting World Cup

Today I did something a little different than my usual beach day.  I have seen the Sand Sculpting World Cup being advertised for a couple of weeks now and today was the first day I could get there.  My mom had an extra long weekend this week so she made the trip down to hang out for the weekend so we took on this adventure together!  I was really excited to go see the sculptures and the artists didn’t disappoint.


Every artist worked together to create this sculptor representing Atlantic City

The history of sand sculpting began right here in Atlantic City so its only natural for the World Cup to take place here as well.  Phillip McCord is considered the grandfather of sculpting.  Dating back to 1897 he sculpted near the steel pier which is wear the DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup event is taking place this year. As years passed, the famous sand sculptors drew large crowds to Atlantic City.  Phillip McCord and other artists spent most of the year sculpting sand into figures and scene representing current events, issues, and interests.  Hotels and postcards started using photos of the sand sculptors to advertise Atlantic City.  After a huge storm in 1944, the sand sculptures were no longer a part of the attractions at Atlantic City.  Although you can’t see them every day along the boardwalk, they still remain a part of Atlantic City’s rich history.

For the 2014 DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup, 20 of the top sculptors have come to Atlantic City from across the United States and 10 other countries to compete.  There were categories of singles & doubles.  There were also rules and regulations for each sculptor, along with a long list of criteria for judging.

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Afterwards Mom and I headed to the outlets located in downtown Atlantic City and then went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch!  I was so happy to finally be able to spend a day with my mom after working the majority of the time she was here.



Vacations are too short

Last week I spent a wonderful 7 days in Cape May with my family.  This is a tradition we have been doing for about 40 years.  All of my dad’s cousins come and all their kids, so in total there are about 45 of us down there for the week.  We had perfect weather! Only one day it was a little cloudy and windy but it was still a nice beach day and gave our skin a break from the blistering sun. This is the first time in five years that all the Kings were down at the beach, so we decided to have a family photo taken.  In the last one we have Ava was just one year old and she will now be a freshman in high school, so we were definitely in need of a new one.  We all pulled together some white and navy outfits and it worked really well!

Weddings-OA 314

Weddings-OA 326

Weddings-OA 364

Weddings-OA 335

Weddings-OA 367

Weddings-OA 369

Weddings-OA 372

Weddings-OA 374

Weddings-OA 376


The rest of the week was just as beautiful! Cape May is my favorite place in the world and its mostly due to my awesome family!

Weddings-OA 292


Nana Cape May 952

Nana Cape May 1055

Weddings-OA 388

Weddings-OA 406


Weddings-OA 472

Weddings-OA 506

Weddings-OA 518

Saturday I came back to the apartment for a few hours and then headed into Atlantic City to work at a wedding at One Atlantic.  For the first hour or so of setup I mastered napkin folding for menu cards.   The theme of the wedding was seashells and sparkles.  The bride made a lot of glitzed up seashells for decor.  They used an adirondack chair as their “guest book”.  I thought this was a really neat idea.  This couple chose not to do a first look before the ceremony, so they used their entire cocktail hour for photos.  The mother of the bride had a surprise planned for them during the photos.  She paid to have a plane fly by with a banner.  They were all really surprised and loved it!  My favorite part of this whole wedding was the Best Man speech.  The groom had a son from a previous relationship and he served as his dad’s best man.  The little boy was maybe 7 years old but gave one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard.  It was so funny and cute at the same time.  It had me tearing up but the groom was actually sobbing because it meant so much to him.  I really wish I had thought of videotaping it on my phone because it was just that cute.  There were a few bumps in the wedding.  Both were due to a lack of communication.  At One Atlantic, we provide a lighting fixture called “Starry Night”.  It is little globes filled with tealights hanging from the ceiling.  This couple chose a package that included this fixture.  After the fixture was all set up they informed the band they would be having a horah (dance).  In the Jewish religion, this is when they put the bride and groom in the air on chairs.  Due to liability they can’t do this when the Starry Night is on the ceiling.  The same thing happened later when they wanted to put the garter on a football to throw.  They did not communicate either of these things with their event planner ahead of time.  If they had communicated this, the event planner would’ve just suggested against the Starry Night fixture so they could have the other aspects of their wedding that they wanted.  This is just another reminder of how important communication is in any and all aspects of event planning.    After working a few weddings now, I’ve learned how the orchestration of a wedding works.  I am now able to just do things on my own without someone reminding me to do it.  I am really enjoying these weddings.  They go very late until the night and I’m usually very tired when I leave, but they’re rewarding for my future.  I’m learning about all types of events and I’m also making some nice friends and connections in the industry.

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Photography by: Mk Photo

Make The Best of It

Tonight One Atlantic held a fundraiser benefiting the The Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation.  The Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation was started by the Miller family after one of their daughter’s Tara was diagnosed with cancer.  Tara is in her mid-20s and was diagnosed with Melanoma just 11 months ago.  She is currently still battling her fight with stage 4 melanoma. They thought it would’ve been just a quick surgery to remove the spot but what they didn’t realize was that the spot was much deeper than the surface. The cancer spread through her lymph nodes, then to other organs and later to her brain.  In these 11 months, Tara has undergone numerous treatments, radiation, and 4 brain surgeries. (You can read more of Tara’s story here.)

The goal of the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation is to raise awareness about melanoma, create funds for research, and ultimately find a cure for melanoma.  They believe  research is fundamental for the future.

During all of Tara’s treatments, she has kept an extremely positive outlook.  Her mottos include finding the “silver linings” and “making the best of it”, so tonight the committee for the foundation threw the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation’s Make the Best of It Bash!  This was the first fundraiser I’ve had the opportunity of working. The bash was a huge event with a turnout of 645 guests!  Guests were able to donate ahead of time to purchase a table for their family/company/etc. or they were able to wander around the food stations and bars located all throughout the venue.  There was  a signature cocktail called that Tara-Tini that guests seemed to love.  In addition to all the socializing, there was also a silent auction with tons of high end packages, signed jerseys, photos, and gift baskets.  They had a ton of really really cool things, and I couldn’t help but think “how do these people have soo many connections?”.  That’s when I found out there are companies out there that do this for a living.  You hire them and they provide high end items for silent auctions.  I thought this was a really cool thing.  So if any of you love to shop and get deals on things, maybe that’s the profession for you! They also had a photobooth and a backdrop for photos made specifically with the Foundation’s logo.

It was really cool to be able to see a fundraiser tonight, especially one for cancer research.  I really like that because of my internship, I’ll be able to see tons of different events.  I’ve always thought I wanted to plan weddings (which I still do) but I’ve also realized I enjoy fundraisers as well.  College graduation is going to sneak up on me sooner than I think and having experience in a variety of events gives me a lot more job opportunities when the time comes.

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photo 2 (7)

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photo 1 (6)

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A June Bride

I have gotten a little behind on my event updates due to my other job, but on Saturday I worked another wedding.  Every wedding I work is just a little different than the last.  Some couples choose to get married on-site, others prefer a church.  Some couples decided to do a first-look, others decide their first moment seeing each other should be walking down the aisle.  Some have large bridal parties, some small.  Every aspect of the wedding has to be perfectly catered to the couple and then translated to the timeline of the event. Saturday was the wedding of Dr. and Mrs. Bonner.  I arrived at 2:30 and was promptly put to work on the tables.  I had to put all the table numbers on the tables while following the floor layout.  The difficult part of that task was the fact that the ball room was not set up yet.  When a couple chooses to get married on site, approximately 1/3 of the ballroom is used for a ceremony space, then that space is flipped during cocktail hour.  For the wedding on Saturday, they had over 300 guests so it was necessary to use 1/2 of the ballroom for the ceremony.  Therefore, while setting up table numbers, I had 33 tables in half of the actual ballroom.  I had to imagine which tables would move once the partition opened and which would stay, and try to get the numbers as close to the floor layout as possible so they didn’t have to move a ton of tables during the flip.  After I was finished putting all the numbers and menu cards on the tables, the florist guys from Beautiful Blooms were able to put the centerpieces on the tables.

Set-up of part of the ballroom

Set-up of part of the ballroom

2/3 of the ballroom used for the ceremony

1/2 of the ballroom used for the ceremony

After I finished the table numbers, it was time to set up the couple’s accessories brought.  This couple provided a birdcage for their cards.  The birdcages have been a big trend seen lately at weddings.  This couple didn’t have a ton of accessories, but they did have some photos of family members at their weddings. photo 1 (3) Once it was time for the ceremony to start, I was positioned at the top of the elevator to check in any guests that used the elevators and turn away any unwanted crashers.  Most of the guests use the escalators located at the front of our venue, so a lot of the elevator person’s position is telling girl scout troops and tourists that One Atlantic is a private venue that isn’t open to the public and they have to ride the elevator back down. When a couple gets married on-site, its important to hold any late guests at the door of the venue until after the bride walks down the aisle.  A lot of guests get really angry with us because they want to see the start of the ceremony and the bride, but the reason we do this is to not ruin the bride’s special moment.  After the bride enters and the guests’ eyes follow her down the aisle and continue facing forward, we slip the late guests in in the back.  While the ceremony is happening, I put out the posters that were used in replacement to placecards. photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1) All the planners were so shocked with the number of presents the couple received.  They informed me that it is against wedding etiquette to bring a gift to the wedding.  If a guest wants to give a gift, they are supposed to send it to the couple’s home so that the couple doesn’t have to deal with it at the end of the wedding.  This was something I never realized before but it makes a lot of sense.  These are the types of things that wedding planners think of that others do not. After the ceremony, there was the usual 1 hour cocktail hour.  Then it was time for the reception to start.  By this time, the planner is less involved other than timings of the blessing, toasts, and special dances.  When the reception begins, that’s when the banquet manager goes into high speed. For the rest of the night, the greeters and interns rotated from sitting near the elevator or in the study by the cigar bar.  At the cigar bar we had to make sure the lighters and cutters didn’t leave the table and remind people that they could only smoke outside. photo 2 (4) At the end of the event we have to make sure that all guests leave with their shoes on and without any alcoholic beverage or glass.  Some guests completely understand this policy and then there are others who will argue with you over their free beer for 5 minutes.  This is always a really interesting part of the night.  Overall, this wedding ran very smoothly and it was enjoyable.  As guests left we received tons of compliments from guests stating everyone did a great job and they had a really good time at the wedding.

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This was the first wedding of June, which is the most popular wedding month of the entire year!

Photography by: Marie Labbancz Photography

Having Fun Isn’t Hard

I’ve been doing a lot of reading while on the beach, so I thought it would be useful to go and get myself a library card here.  So I did just that!  I know libraries are an ancient thing but its seriously so cool that you can go and borrow any book you want for FREE!



So my first books I checked out today with my adult library card to take home to my adult apartment were “The Lying Game” and “Never Have I Ever” by Sara Shepard.  Think what you want but, I love Sara Shepard.

photo (5)

In the New Jersey Collection of the library with my new library card!

If you haven’t noticed, I get excited easily!

More than a Wedding

Last night I worked at a wedding that was the celebration of Ricky and Robin’s love, but for their family it was much more than that.  Ricky and Robin were childhood friends and grew up around each other.  Ricky was that older boy that picked on the younger girls like Robin and her sisters, but eventually their relationship blossomed into something more.  When Robin was graduating from college, Ricky dragged his brother along to attend.  At this time family members were beginning to suspect that they were dating.  Shortly after graduation their relationship was official.  Then just a short time into their relationship, Robin was diagnosed with cancer.  Ricky stood by her for all her chemo and treatments.  While going through chemo, Robin also got her M.B.S., graduated from law school from the top of her class, and passed the Bar Exam.  I don’t even know her but after hearing the touching maid of honor speech, I consider this girl one of my heroes.  Last night their wedding wasn’t just a celebration of two people loving each other and pledging themselves to each other but it was also a celebration of life.  After the diagnosis, Robin’s family didn’t know if she would see another day, let alone see her wedding day.

This wedding was on the larger size in comparison to other One Atlantic events.  There were just under 300 guests.  The color themes were mint, champagne, and gold.  The centerpieces were made by the bride’s family.  Their wedding favors were little burlap bags containing chocolate poker chips to go with the Atlantic City theme.  The chocolates contained their names and their anniversary.

This was such a great wedding to work at.  As an intern, I take a little bit from everything I do, and I definitely took some good things away from the #RockyWedding2014

Photography by: Gary Nevitt