Chef Rebekah

Like I’ve mentioned before, my internship consists of 4 portions.  The first portion was spent working with the event coordinators and today I finished up my second portion which was spent in the kitchen working with the chef and other cooks.  Last week I went in on a Thursday and we had huge weddings on both Friday and Saturday so I did a lot of food prep.  Along with another person, I rolled about 350 crab cigars for the weddings.  Friday night was a Vietnamese wedding so the couple provided the bride’s mother’s recipe for egg rolls so then I worked on those so they would be ready to be fried on Saturday in time for cocktail hour.

Crab Cigars served in a cigar box

Crab Cigars served in a cigar box

Today was a lot more fun than the last week because we weren’t as busy so I was able to do more things and learn more about the kitchen.  We had a couple come in for their tasting at 1 so I was able to see how they prepare for that and I even prepared one of the hors d’oeuvres.  It was a watermelon cube wrapped in prosciutto.  I thought this was a really weird thing, but Chef had me try it and it was actually really good.  Its an uncommon but perfect combination.   After this I helped make some empanadas to serve for the wedding tomorrow.  I learned how to use the vacuum sealer they had in the kitchen.  Its a really cool thing that they use a lot.  The vacuum sealer allows them to prepare food ahead of time.  For instance, today they started grilling the filet mignon for tomorrow, so they cooked them all half way and then we sealed them and put them in the fridge and they will just finish them up tomorrow before serving them.  I thought this was really cool.  For the tasting today, the couple requested little shot glasses made of cookies filled with milk.  I’ve seen them on Pinterest and One Atlantic has never done them before so today was a first.  I even got to try one!  We were expecting a food delivery today but when they were on their way here they got pulled over and had an expired registration so they had to take all the food and transfer it to a different truck.  With this being said, we were missing a few necessary ingredients for the tasting this afternoon.  Chef took me “shopping”.  This is when we go to the other restaurants in the Pier Shops and borrow what we need.  I think its a really great how close all the chefs are and that they’re willing to help each other out.  Chef was talking to me and was reminding me of how important it is to help everyone whenever you are able, because you never know when you may be working for that person or you may need their help back.

A few hours after we went “shopping”, one of the cooks asked me to go back down to the restaurant and gather some steam with the help of one of the other chefs.  I said to them, “Are you serious?”, and they got me a container and I was kinda just like “I’m the intern.  I don’t really know what I’m doing.  I’ll just do what they tell me.”  So I found my way back to the restaurant and talked to the chef from earlier.  He was like, “did they actually send you down here for that?” and I was like “Yeah, is this some sort of prank?” and he was like “Yeah.  Hahaha”.  Supposedly this is a very common thing.  They always send their interns to each other for stupid things like steam or an “oven stretcher”.  I was lucky they didn’t send me on a wild goose chase to other restaurants or Caesar’s like they do to other interns.  The chef at the restaurant helped me fill up my container with a little bit of hot water and told me to tell them “we consolidated the steam, so they wouldn’t have to do it later”.  So it took it back upstairs and they were all really impressed that I came back with at least that.  They said usually people just return with an empty container.  It was really funny and I can enjoy a good joke.  Another thing the kitchen guys do is “intern tossing”.  On our last day, they each get a turn in throwing the intern to see how many tiles they can throw us.  The sous chef was on vacation so we’re waiting until next week when the other intern begins in the kitchen so they can throw us both at the same time.  They’re thinking they can throw me at least 14 tiles so we’ll see….

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Other than my internship, I’ve been working a lot at The Cellar.  I try to spend my mornings/afternoons at the pool or the beach before I have to go to work, so Tuesday I went to the pool located in my apartment complex. Yesterday I didn’t have  to be at work until 6 so I decided to head to the beach that morning.  I went to Dunkin before and then drove to Brigantine.  I set up my camp and sat down to enjoy my bagel. As I’m eating one half of my bagel I begin to notice that seagulls are coming towards me so I try to eat it more subtly.  They were showing no signs of leaving anytime soon so I decided to put away the other half of my bagel until they were gone.  As I was putting it away, I got some butter on my finger from the bagel and didn’t want to lick it off so the seagulls would think I was eating, and I didn’t want to wipe it on my towel so I just sat there like a statue hoping they would leave. Then all of a sudden, A SEAGULL SWOOPED OVER AND BIT ME IN THE FINGER thinking the butter was food! It was SO SCARY!  After that I was terrified of the seagulls all day and never did get to eat the other half of my bagel.

Being in New Jersey, its disappointing how many things I miss at home.  Saturday will be the Lake Meade fireworks and I’ll be missing them.  I’ll be working all weekend and until today thought I wasn’t going to get to see any fireworks or celebrate the 4th.  But thanks, to the impending weather, Atlantic City has postponed their fireworks until Sunday and I don’t have to work on Sunday so I’m really excited to see some fireworks over the ocean from the beach.  Even if others may be upset about the postponement, it worked well in my favor.



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