Bridal Fashion Week turned Disney Princess

For a class this semester, I have to blog once again.  My topic for the blog relates to weddings and budgeting, and as it relates to the theme of my summer blog, I figured I would repost the blogs onto this blog or you can follow my Blogger for class here.

If you were in New York at all this past weekend, you were probably seeing lots and lots of white along with multiple things borrowed and blue. Last night wrapped up New York Bridal Fashion Week. With over 150 designers exhibiting their new lines for 2015, there were plenty of shows to attend. Power-house designers like Amalia Carrera and Betsey Johnson were just two designers who showed off their newest couture, but one dress specifically sent a chill down my spine.

Bridal designer, Alfred Angelo for Disney, created a wedding gown inspired by Elsa from Disney’s movie Frozen. There is no doubt that the movie Frozen has a large fan base. Last year it became the highest-grossing animated film of all time with over $400,000,000 in box office sales, not to mention all DVD, soundtrack, and licensed products. Millions of people love Frozen but would you want to represent that on your wedding day? I guess we will see come January 2015 when the dress goes on sale. In addition to the Elsa dress, Angelo is debuting eight other dresses inspired by Disney princesses including Princess Tiana and Snow White.


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