Nashville Dreams

Go confidently in the direction of your DREAMS! Live the LIFE you’re imagined!

This quote perfectly describes my beautiful friend and college roommate and the new journey she is beginning.  She moved into her new apartment in Nashville today!! She has always dreamed of living in Nashville and working in the country music industry doing public relations.  Last summer she interned there but this summer is the BIG MOVE! I’m so insanely proud of her and the courage she has  to do something like this.  I know she’s going to do absolutely amazing and have the best time, but I sure am going to miss her a lot ❤

Monday night, my friends and I went out to dinner to celebrate Jenna’s big move

IMG_4396 IMG_4389IMG_4394You can follow Jenna’s journey on her blog here:

Thanks for the memories


Thank you for endless opportunities

Thank you for giving me friends for life

Thank you for providing me with a wonderful education

Thank you for challenging me academically and personally

Thank you for memories that will last me a lifetime 

I officially graduated 2 months and one day ago. Although at times I was ready to get away from school and be at the comfort of my home, at other times Bloomsburg was my home (sorry mom). It still hasn’t totally hit me that I won’t be going back come August.  These past few months since graduation haven’t been the easiest…going through interviews and applications, figuring out college loans, getting ready to see friends move away, and adjusting to life in the “real world”, but these past months have also been thrilling! Interviews lead to new opportunities, seeing friends move away means new vacation spots 😉 and college loans, well there’s not much thrilling about that except being closer to having them paid off!

I have been really into Shutterfly books lately…I made one for my trip to LA (which I should probably blog about) and I recently made one for a friend for her birthday.  I made one for myself reflecting my four years of Bloomsburg which I’m sure I will take wherever I end up to remind me of my “other home”.

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