Southern Travels

Last week I spent the week gallivanting around some Southern states with Drew and his family.  We had a great time and I thought I’d share parts of it with you 🙂


Friday afternoon I met his sister, Nikki, in Harrisburg to take the train to her house in Downingtown and then we drove to Drew’s parents house with her husband and left for Charlotte, NC late that night.  We drove all night, got some sleep (not very good sleep I might add).


Saturday morning we picked up Drew around 8 am, grabbed some breakfast and then headed down to Savannah, GA for the start of our trip.

Mini-Van Drew

Mini-Van Drew

We arrived in Savannah around 3 and checked into the hotel and got cleaned up for dinner and relaxed for a little because we were all really tired from the driving. When we were finally ready for dinner, we headed to Savannah’s River Walk and ate dinner at Huey’s on the River. We tried some famous fried green tomatoes (which were pretty good) for an appetizer.  For dinner, I had crab and shrimp au gratin with garlic parmesan grits and Drew had jambalaya. I had grits one time before, when I was on a missions trip in Louisiana, and I really didn’t like them, but I decided to try them again and boy, they were good!!

After dinner we continued to walk around the city and got ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream. It’s one of the country’s oldest ice cream parlors and it’s pretty famous.  When we walked by later, the line was wrapped around the block. We got there at a good time!! We then took a ghost tour on a trolly.  Savannah is really haunted because its considered and acropolis (built on the dead). Its also a really interesting and confusing town because it is just made up of squares.



On Sunday we woke up and had some breakfast at the hotel then headed for the Savannah History Museum and Georgia State Railroad Museum.  They had a lot of cool exhibits including Forrest Gump’s infamous bench and a tribute to Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scouts, who was born in Savannah.

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After the museums, we got some pizza at Vinnie Van Go Go’s in City Market, walked around some shops and then got in the car to head to Charleston! We made a quick pitstop at the outlets on a bathing suit mission for Drew, came up short, but his dad scored some deals on sneakers so it wasn’t totally pointless. We checked into our hotel, The Mills House and then eventually headed for a late dinner at the Charleston Crab House.  We ate on the rooftop and the food was really good too!


We woke up, got some breakfast on the way and headed to THE BEACH!!! We went to Folly Beach in Charleston.  The water was SUPER warm and it was REALLY hot out.  We only lasted at the beach for a few hours cause we didn’t have any beach gear other than towels, but that was totally okay cause it was so hot.  We came back to the pool for a little. At the beach, the water is pretty shallow until you walk out realllllly far, and i was being very cautious of sharks so we kind of just sat in the shallow water to cool off. The pool at the hotel was really nice and we went there twice to swim.


After the pool, we got cleaned up and got ready for a nice dinner out at Fleet Landing Restaurant.  Our hotel had a really cute courtyard with a fountain, so of course I made Drew take photos with me 🙂 He’s a good sport ❤ 

I decided to go out of my comfort zone again at dinner and ordered “shrimp and grits”.  It was a bottom layer of regular grits with shrimp on top with ham tasso gravy.  I was a little cautious at first but it was actually SO GOOD! Everyone at the table tried it and really liked it too! Drew had some grilled shrimp, rice, and french fries.

After dinner we walked around Charleston’s Riverfront Park and through the city back to the hotel. Charleston is a really beautiful city and it was probably my favorite of this trip!

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Tuesday we woke up and took a guided bus tour around Charleston so we were able to see a lot more of the city and learn a lot about its history.  Afterwards we got in the car and drove to Boone Hall Plantation. Its one of the famous plantations in Charleston.  It’s one of the oldest working and living plantations.  It’s famous for it’s oak tree  lined driveway and has also been the filming site of various movies including The Notebook and Queen and scenes from Days of our Lives.

Here’s a nice rap Drew made while reading the brochure for the plantation.

IMG_4597 IMG_4598 IMG_4599 IMG_4600 IMG_4603 IMG_4610

After the plantation we drove straight to Charlotte, picked up Nathan (Drew’s brother who flew down after a final), got dinner and then went to bed.


We went to Carowinds, the local amusement park.  Half of the park is in North Carolina and half is in South Carolina.  We spent most of the day there.  Once again it was SO HOT, which made riding roller coasters pretty hard. Our favorite ride was their new one Fury 325! They also had a pirate ship ride that went completely upside down, so that was a pretty fun day!

That night, we came back to the hotel, went swimming, got cleaned up for dinner, and then headed into the city to eat at the Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place near the ballpark Drew works at.


Drew had to work on Thursday, so when he went to work I got up and hung out with his family at the hotel and then we headed to the Nascar Hall of Fame.  The museum was really cool and interactive.  There were a ton of things to do at the museum and they even have a driving simulator that we did a few times.

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Then we went to the stadium Drew works at with the Charlotte Knights, so his parents and siblings could see it and we bought some Knights gear in the store.


For dinner we went to a barbecue restaurant Drew and I went to on my last trip down. Its called Midwood Smokehouse and they have all types of barbecue and really good macaroni and cheese which is always important. That night we said goodbye to his family because they were leaving to drive back home in the morning.


Drew had to work again so I hung out at his house and did really important things (*ahem* catching up on the bachelorette finale and other shows).  When he got home we made dinner and then I asked if we could go to the mall cause I’ve been dying to go to the Lilly Pulitzer store…once again he’s a great sport ❤ After the mall we went and played mini-golf cause we have been saying how we need to play and see whose better. I won the first round we played and then he won the second so I guess we’re pretty even.


On Saturday we went to a park near Drew’s house, Freedom Park, and walked around and played on the playground and just hung out outdoors for the day.  The park was really nice and it even had one of those Play60 zones that was sponsored by the Carolina Panthers, so that was cool.

IMG_4686 IMG_4687 IMG_4688 IMG_4689 IMG_4690

That night we celebrated our one year anniversary since we won’t be together for it. We went out for a really nice dinner at a Hibachi restaurant downtown called Red Ginger. And OH MY GOODNESS it was so delicious! They gave us so much food and we both got sushi rolls before…we were absolutely stuffed when we were done eating.  Afterwards we went to a place called the has a ton of bars in one place downtown so we went to one of the bars that was on the rooftop of the place and hung out there for a while.

p.s. everyone needs to try “Not your father’s root beer”…it is DANGEROUSLY delicious


IMG_4699 IMG_4700


Sunday morning we woke up and went to get Dunkin for breakfast, did some grocery shopping (silly but actually really exciting for us since we don’t get to do normal couple things), and then went home to watch a movie until Drew had to take me to the airport. We had a really great week together so it was definitely really hard to say goodbye and I already can’t wait until the next time we get to spend time together ❤ He has one more month left at this job and then we’ll see where the next job takes him!

2 thoughts on “Southern Travels

  1. It looks like you had the perfect vacation. Uncle Mike and I stayed on Kiawa Island for our honeymoon and had dinner in Charleston every night. It is a beautiful city and certainly one of my favorite places.

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