February Recap!

I haven’t blogged in a while so I will just go ahead and recap most of February.  Beginning with the Super Bowl! Being in Charlotte, the Super Bowl was a crazy big deal here! I obviously wanted to see the Panthers win because everyone here was so excited and it would be really cool to experience Super Bowl related things in the city, like the big parade! Although I was okay with seeing either outcome to the game, the people I was watching with were not.  As the game went on the bar we were at got quieter and quieter.  Even though the Panthers lost, it was still cool to be with tons of crazy fans who have been die-hard Panthers fans since birth and watch their reactions to the game.


Then there was Valentine’s Day. The Friday before, I woke up to a phone call from a Charlotte number and it was a lady saying she had a delivery for me and needed to know which apartment I was in because it didn’t say on the delivery.  So I tried to figure out where she was in the apartment complex but after some confusion, I told her I would just come downstairs and meet her. So I threw on sneakers and grabbed my keys and went outside (in just a t-shirt and sweatpants).  I didn’t see the lady outside, so I called her back and she told me she could see the pool from where she was, and I told her I was right by the pool standing, and so she drove around and called me back and said she didn’t see me. Then I was beginning to question if she actually was in the right apartment complex….SHE WASNT.  She was at a complex down the street. So by now I’m standing at basically the entrance of my apartment from the street waiting for her to pull in.  Meanwhile a nice lady was driving out of the complex and stopped and asked me if everything was okay and said she was concerned because “I was not dressed” and just standing in the parking lot. I seriously died laughing and tried to explain what was going on.  So eventually the delivery lady showed up with beautiful flowers from my Dad! I of course had to call my dad and thank him for the flowers and tell him the whole story and told him about how cold I was waiting for them to come, and he asked how cold it was, and I told him about 40 degrees, and he goes, “Rebekah, when I woke up this morning it was 2 DEGREES”.  SOOOO GLADD I’m not in Pennsylvania dealing with that coldness!


On Valentine’s Day, I had to work most of the afternoon so Drew and I decided we would cook a nice dinner at home together instead of trying to beat all the crowds going out to dinner.  We made a caesar salad, garlic bread, homemade lasagna, and dirt pudding for dinner! Everything was really delicious and it continued to feed us for the rest of the week!


If you read my last blog post, you know that I made a bucket list and one of the items on my list was going to Discovery Place. Every third Friday of the month, Discovery Place does an event called “Science on the Rocks”.  They have the museum open after hours for people 21+ and they have bars set up throughout the museum so you can drink and explore the cool things they have.  As a part of my Valentine’s gift, Drew got us tickets to go this past Friday. Each month they have a different theme and being that it was right after Valentine’s Day, this month’s theme was “Fire & Ice”.  So when we entered if you were “taken” you wore blue beads and if you were “single” you wore red beads.  One of the attractions was them making ice cream with liquid nitrogen and then we all got to try it.  The kicker was that this ice cream was made with cinnamon and cayenne pepper, giving into that whole Fire & Ice thing, it was such a weird sensation.  Another thing was that we got to set our hands on fire and try all these really spicy sauces, including what is supposedly the spiciest pepper on the planet.  There were a TON of people there! I was actually really shocked cause I thought I was the only nerdy person who wanted to spend my Friday night at this science museum. We had a really great time and then afterwards walked through the city and grabbed some dinner.




Laying on a bed of nails!


Laying on a bed of nails!



I just really love Dolphins!


This weekend I will be heading to Nashville to visit Jenna! I’m so excited to see her and see the awesome city she’s been living in!!

Tomorrow is my last day at David’s Bridal!

Tuesday is my first day at my new job!