Bullet Journal 101- TREND

Towards the end of 2016 I had a lot of time on my hands that led to scouring Pinterest for hours.  I kept stumbling upon this idea of a bullet journal and researched it for a while and dove in with the start of 2017.  I’ve been using it for 7 days now and have already seen tremendous benefits personally.

So what is a bullet journal?  A bullet journal is a cross between a journal, task list, sketch pad, and a place to keep all of your ideas. Your bullet journal can be completely customizable. When researching, I found so many page ideas.  Some I used, and some I found were not necessary for me and what I wanted to get out of my bullet journal. Some people use their bullet journals to track everything from bills to chores to savings to bucket lists and everything in between.  Some people choose to make a mini planner for each week inside their bullet journal.  Since I already have a daily planner I use for things like appointments and bills, my journal was more of a fun thing for me to create.

I went to my favorite piece of Heaven on earth, Target, to search for a bullet journal to use. A lot of people recommended the Moleskin dotted notebook, which Target didn’t have. I am not a very patient person and didn’t want to order it online, so I just found a basic, blank notebook.  You don’t want a lined notebook for something like this (typically, but everyone’s idea of a bullet journal is different).

If you read my last blog post, you know my word of 2017 is GROW.  I found some cute Lilly Pulitzer paper from an old planner and decided that was what I was going to start my bullet journal off with.  This way I’m reminded of my yearly inspiration every time I open the book.


The next pages in my bullet journal are my monthly to-do lists and daily task charts for all 12 months of the year. The monthly to-do is such a big help, because it shows me everything I need to do long-term for the month (aka I’ve been trying to set up a dentist appointment for months, but now I see it every day as a reminder). You can also make these pages super fun and themed.  For instance, January is blue with snowflakes for me. February is red with hearts. And March is green with shamrocks.  Again, totally customizable.


The daily task chart is my favorite thing.  This is the biggest thing that drew me to bullet journaling in the first place.  I love organization and charts.  There’s something about seeing things visually and recognizing patterns that just makes my Type-A personality so happy. Think of this as a sticker chart for adults. I’m a very reward based person, and since starting my bullet journal, I’ve made my bed every day just because I know I get to color in that little box.  Call it dumb — but it works.

Disclaimer — if I did this again, I would 100% go with the recommended dotted notebook alone, if for no other reason than this page.  I hand drew and measured the dots and it took forever. img_3575

Now the fun pages!



Draw a bookshelf and color in the books as you finish them!


Two pages for movies: one for movies I go to see & one for movies I watch at home…Those are supposed to be pieces of popcorn, hopefully you’re more artist than me 


Do you ever want to go out to eat & forget all the new restaurants you’ve been wanting to try? Same with when you have no idea what to cook for dinner?


I cheated on this one a little. I knew if I tried to draw the U.S. it would be terrible, so I printed one out and glued it in.  But the goal here is to color in every state I visit this year along with a date!



Fun things to do each season & color them in when you complete them!

There are so many different page ideas out there! From doctor’s appointments to house projects to meal planners to sleep trackers to packing lists to exercise logs, yours  is TOTALLY CUSTOMIZABLE to what you want your bullet journal to be and how you want it to fit into your lifestyle.  I have had so much fun making mine and using mine so far.  It holds you accountable to the goals you set for yourself and I’ve already seen results in both, my time management and health.

It’s the start of a new year — get out there and bullet journal!!