Jenna visits the Queen City!

This weekend, I did not have to travel for work due to it being the Fourth of July weekend. ¬†Up until about Tuesday, I was going to just have a low-key weekend but then Jenna decided to come visit and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER SHE DID ūüôā ūüôā

She arrived Friday night really late cause she drove straight from work and we didn’t do much that night but have some brownie sundaes and go to bed.

Saturday morning, we woke up and went to Amelie’s French bakery for breakfast and it was so cute and fun (S/O to my squad). I had a delicious blueberry and cream cheese muffin and a¬†salted caramel brownie caf√© mocha coffee, which made me want to die cause it was so good. Afterwards, and basically the whole reason Jenna came this weekend, we went to David’s Bridal to pick out and try on our bridesmaids dresses for Dani’s wedding #teamtino.


After, we went to some cute and fun shops that I have been dying to go to, but are more fun to shop in with friends.  So we went to Swoozies (literally heaven on earth).  So its kind of embarrassing but Jenna and I were literally so obsessed with this store that we were psychopaths in there.  If I can give you any indication of how much of a psychopath, I took photos. We also went to some cute boutique shops with the most adorable clothes, and went to Park Road books, which is funny cause Jenna has called them multiple times to book appearances for her authors for work.

After we went shopping, we went into Uptown to explore.  Drew had to go to work for a few hours Saturday afternoon, so we wandered around the city and I showed Jenna things like the Epicentre and Romare Bearden Park and things like that until Drew was done working. When he was done, he gave Jenna a little tour of the ballpark.

For dinner we went to Cantina 1511 and it was DELICIOUS.  We ate entirely too much guacamole but it was so so so good.That night, we went out to Whiskey Warehouse to have some drinks.

Sunday morning we went to Duck Donuts to get some freshly made donuts (once again delicious).  Afterwards, we drove around and looked at beautiful homes and then took a walk through Freedom Park.  We spent our afternoon lounging by the pool and then decided to make corn on the cob and burgers for our little Fourth of July dinner.

After dinner, Drew had to go to work for a few minutes so Jenna and I went along to hang out in the park across the street and then we all went to get ice cream at the Elizabeth Creamery! I had a cone of black raspberry and it was so good, and whenever I eat it, it makes me think of my Nana ‚̧ Finally, we came home for the night and just hung out together and watched a movie.


Unfortunately Jenna had to leave Monday morning and wasn’t able to stay around for the baseball game and fireworks afterwards. ¬†They were legitimately the best fireworks I have ever seen in my life, and I had such a great view of them. ¬†The Knights have fireworks every Friday night and I never get to see them because I’m always traveling, so it made me so happy to actually get to see some fireworks for once!


It was such a wonderful weekend spent with Jenna. ¬†So much so, that I constantly kept asking her when she was going to come move to Charlotte. ¬†I’m so happy that she decided to make the trip to visit and that I have such a wonderful friend ‚̧

Weekly Update

I’ve fallen a little behind on my blogging, but I’ll give you guys a quick run through of what I’ve been up to!


Dan and Megan were down in Avalon on vacation with Megan’s family for the week, so since I had the day off I decided to go visit them. ¬†I hadn’t seen them since we were all in Cape May over a month ago so I really missed them! ¬†Megan’s family is really great and always so welcoming. ¬†We had the perfect beach day! It was sunny and warm, with a little bit of a breeze. ¬†Living at the beach has turned me into quite the “beach day” critic, but that day was phenomenal.



Thursday morning, Jess and Madi came for a visit! We went to the beach for a little while and then headed back home to start getting ready for the real reason they were here: BLAKE SHELTON! ¬†Atlantic City was hosting a free Blake Shelton concert on the beach and they got tickets for it and so did Kelsey and I. ¬†It was so much fun! I’ve never experienced a beach concert but it was awesome! There were so many people there, it was pure chaos. ¬†A lot of people were camping out on the beach since 10 am to get good spots, but we decided we didn’t need to go into the city until 3. ¬†Even though we didn’t get there until 3:30 we still got prime spots for the concert. ¬†We ended up in zone 3 which was as close as you could get without having a “fan zone” pass. Dan and Shay were the opening act and there was even a surprise appearance by Danielle Bradbury because her and Blake are best buds! Afterwards we hung out to see Blake leave and we made friends with some Atlantic City police officers! Blake left in one of the vans we saw, but the windows were really tinted so you couldn’t really see him. ¬†After the concert, there were fireworks, so we watched them from the beach for a little while. ¬†It was such a fun night and I was glad I could spend it with good friends!

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Friday morning I went to my internship for a few hours before having to go to work. ¬†At my internship, I’m now in the sales and marketing portion of the program. ¬†I worked on updating One Atlantic’s Pinterest¬†page for a while. ¬†This is important because social media is the new way of marketing for businesses. ¬†It is especially important because a lot of people use Pinterest for wedding ideas and since that is our industry, we want to create a strong Pinterest presence to gain attention. ¬†After I finished that, I updated the website by adding tags to all of our photos to create Search Engine Optimization. ¬†This is something I learned about in a few of my Mass Communication classes, so it was cool to actually do it. ¬†Search engine optimization is a way of placing yourself at the top or near the top of search engine results. ¬†We also had a couple come in for tour and information meeting, so I asked Joey if I could sit in on that meeting with her. ¬†They were from New York and were looking at getting married at One Atlantic. After the meeting, they seemed pretty interested and were asking about deposits and wedding dates available so I think they’re probably going to book with us. ¬†I really enjoy working in sales, because it allowed me to use some of my Mass Communications and interpersonal skills to do the social media and speak with the couples. ¬† My favorite part of the internship has been all the face to face interaction I get with the bride and grooms whether it be during the event, tastings, or final detail meetings.


My parents came down for the weekend and Saturday was a pretty cloudy/rainy day so it wasn’t a good day for the beach. ¬†Fortunately I had been wanting to do a couple touristy things in the area while I had been down here, so Saturday provided the perfect day for that. ¬† First we went to Lucy the Elephant. ¬†Lucy the Elephant is located in Margate, NJ, which is just a couple beaches south of Atlantic City. ¬†Lucy is a 6 story elephant structure from the 1880s. ¬†I’m not going to talk about the whole history of Lucy, but you can look it at here if you’re interested. ¬†Its a pretty cool thing. While we were there, there were signs posted about them filming for a show, so when we came out of the elephant after our tour, there were people asking us to sign release forms for television. ¬†It ended up being National Geographic filming for a show on human behavior. ¬†Kelsey was interviewed, so watch out for her television debut coming in November!

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After the elephant, we headed into Atlantic City to get some boardwalk food for lunch. ¬†Aunt Cindy hadn’t been to Atlantic City at all yet this summer so she was really anxious to get there. ¬†We walked around for a little while and then drove to the Absecon Lighthouse located at the northern end of Atlantic City.


Sunday was the second free concert. ¬†It was Lady Antebellum! I’ve never seen them perform live so I was excited about that. ¬†Alex and Sierra, winners from the third season of X-Factor were the opening act. ¬†I’ve never listened to them but they had some good songs. ¬†Then Lady A came on and they were really good! I love a lot of their songs and they were really personable with the crowd. ¬†Once again, we waited to go into the city until 3:00 and we still managed to get the same spots in Zone 3 as last time. ¬†We were pretty lucky both days!

After the concert, Kelsey got proposed to and married in a matter of seconds


We went and had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe after trying to get into two other restaurants that had extremely long waits. ¬†We ordered our food and were sitting there. ¬†A guy walked by with bruschetta and we were looking at his plate longingly and he stopped and asked if it was for our table. ¬†We said, “no but it looks delicious” so he took it to the table it was for and stopped at our table on the way back. ¬†He asked if we wanted some. We both just kinda looked at him like what? and he said “I’m the manager, ¬†I can do what I want” so a few minutes later we were enjoying a plate a of fresh (& free) bruschetta! It was really ¬†good! ¬†Once again, it was a really fun day! I love concerts and was kinda bummed thinking I wouldn’t get to go to any this summer, then these two free concerts happened!

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Independence Weekend

After working long days through the week and the holiday weekend, today I finally had a day off to relax. ¬†This morning I decided to head to Brigantine to spend the day at the beach. ¬†It was nice to be able to relax without any time constraints. ¬†Usually when I go to the beach, I can’t really fully relax or take naps because I have to be at work at a certain time so today was really nice (and no seagulls attacked me).





Kelsey came back this evening after she spent some time at Ithaca. ¬†We picked up my friend Michelle and went into Atlantic City to watch the fireworks tonight. ¬†Atlantic City has one of the top five firework displays in the country for the 4th of July celebration. ¬†The director of One Atlantic allowed all employees and friends/families to come up and watch the fireworks from the venue. ¬†This gave us a spectacular view because we were already 100 yards over the ocean so we were really close to the fireworks. They shoot the fireworks off of two barges (boats) out in the ocean. ¬†There was supposed to be¬†one barge on each side of the pier so they could be seen from all the beaches but the one boat kept drifting so they were both on the same side. ¬†Because they were on the opposite side of the terrace we were going to watch from, we moved everything inside and watched from the 15 foot windows. ¬†It was still AMAZING! We were able to see both sets of fireworks go off together as they were originally choreographed so both sides of the pier would see the same show at the same time. ¬†The director had a cart full of water, Johnson’s caramel popcorn, salt water taffy and macaroons for us to snack on during the fireworks. ¬†It was really great experience overall. ¬†It was really cool to see the water and the waves light up with each firework. ¬†I am really glad they were postponed until tonight so I got to experience them!