Make The Best of It

Tonight One Atlantic held a fundraiser benefiting the The Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation.  The Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation was started by the Miller family after one of their daughter’s Tara was diagnosed with cancer.  Tara is in her mid-20s and was diagnosed with Melanoma just 11 months ago.  She is currently still battling her fight with stage 4 melanoma. They thought it would’ve been just a quick surgery to remove the spot but what they didn’t realize was that the spot was much deeper than the surface. The cancer spread through her lymph nodes, then to other organs and later to her brain.  In these 11 months, Tara has undergone numerous treatments, radiation, and 4 brain surgeries. (You can read more of Tara’s story here.)

The goal of the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation is to raise awareness about melanoma, create funds for research, and ultimately find a cure for melanoma.  They believe  research is fundamental for the future.

During all of Tara’s treatments, she has kept an extremely positive outlook.  Her mottos include finding the “silver linings” and “making the best of it”, so tonight the committee for the foundation threw the Tara Miller Melanoma Foundation’s Make the Best of It Bash!  This was the first fundraiser I’ve had the opportunity of working. The bash was a huge event with a turnout of 645 guests!  Guests were able to donate ahead of time to purchase a table for their family/company/etc. or they were able to wander around the food stations and bars located all throughout the venue.  There was  a signature cocktail called that Tara-Tini that guests seemed to love.  In addition to all the socializing, there was also a silent auction with tons of high end packages, signed jerseys, photos, and gift baskets.  They had a ton of really really cool things, and I couldn’t help but think “how do these people have soo many connections?”.  That’s when I found out there are companies out there that do this for a living.  You hire them and they provide high end items for silent auctions.  I thought this was a really cool thing.  So if any of you love to shop and get deals on things, maybe that’s the profession for you! They also had a photobooth and a backdrop for photos made specifically with the Foundation’s logo.

It was really cool to be able to see a fundraiser tonight, especially one for cancer research.  I really like that because of my internship, I’ll be able to see tons of different events.  I’ve always thought I wanted to plan weddings (which I still do) but I’ve also realized I enjoy fundraisers as well.  College graduation is going to sneak up on me sooner than I think and having experience in a variety of events gives me a lot more job opportunities when the time comes.

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