Sand Sculpting World Cup

Today I did something a little different than my usual beach day.  I have seen the Sand Sculpting World Cup being advertised for a couple of weeks now and today was the first day I could get there.  My mom had an extra long weekend this week so she made the trip down to hang out for the weekend so we took on this adventure together!  I was really excited to go see the sculptures and the artists didn’t disappoint.


Every artist worked together to create this sculptor representing Atlantic City

The history of sand sculpting began right here in Atlantic City so its only natural for the World Cup to take place here as well.  Phillip McCord is considered the grandfather of sculpting.  Dating back to 1897 he sculpted near the steel pier which is wear the DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup event is taking place this year. As years passed, the famous sand sculptors drew large crowds to Atlantic City.  Phillip McCord and other artists spent most of the year sculpting sand into figures and scene representing current events, issues, and interests.  Hotels and postcards started using photos of the sand sculptors to advertise Atlantic City.  After a huge storm in 1944, the sand sculptures were no longer a part of the attractions at Atlantic City.  Although you can’t see them every day along the boardwalk, they still remain a part of Atlantic City’s rich history.

For the 2014 DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup, 20 of the top sculptors have come to Atlantic City from across the United States and 10 other countries to compete.  There were categories of singles & doubles.  There were also rules and regulations for each sculptor, along with a long list of criteria for judging.

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Afterwards Mom and I headed to the outlets located in downtown Atlantic City and then went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch!  I was so happy to finally be able to spend a day with my mom after working the majority of the time she was here.