Busy Days

Yesterday was another very full day.  I tried to blog about it last night at 1:30 but couldn’t form a complete thought let alone a blog post, so now that I’ve slept for a while, I’ll give it a shot!

I went to my internship yesterday from noon until five.  I really like the people at the office and I like what I’m doing so it never feels like a chore.  The first thing I did yesterday was create menus for a lunch buffet on Monday for the Atlanticare Nurses Conference.  I took the One Atlantic templates and switched things around a bit, then put them in frames to be put on display along with the buffet. Along with the menu, I also created labels for all the beverages.

photo 1 (4)

After this was completed, I worked on THE BOARD for the wedding today (Saturday).  THE BOARD is like the bible for the servers and banquet manager.  THE BOARD is a whiteboard used to show the event timeline along with the menu selections.  Transferring the timeline to the board was really easy, but then the difficult part was assigning servers to jobs. The banquet manager wanted to make sure that nobody did the same job two weeks in a row, so it took  a little bit of analytical skills to make sure that worked out correctly and that I still had enough servers on each job.  In addition to this , I had to keep in mind that every section had to have at least one server on set-up.  I actually really enjoyed doing this because I like to solve problems and figure out patterns and that’s kinda what I had to do.

photo 2 (5)

After this was finished, the director had me do some online searching.  A big trend in weddings is those paper striped straws in different colors.  A couple brides at One Atlantic choose to use these.  The director wanted me to see if these straws existed in plastic because the paper ones break easily. I found some so we contacted the supplier to make sure they were definitely plastic and not paper!  For my last assignment of the day, Eileen gave me her schedule of events from now until November.  I had to take the events and put them in  a spreadsheet (YAY!).  The spreadsheet included the client and all the vendors names (florist, photographer, DJ, etc) they were using.  This spreadsheet is used closer to the event time, and Eileen uses it to make sure she has sent follow up emails with all the vendors, along with making sure the fire permit was cleared and that the couple has provided their insurance for their event.  Eileen is definitely my type of girl, because all her spreadsheets had color codes by month and event and I was LOVING it!

After my internship, I drove to Brigantine to go to work at The Cellar.  On Friday and Saturday night during the summer months, the kitchen is open until 2 am because they’re also a bar.  Because of this, a server has to stay until 2 am and a hostess has to stay until 1 am.  I was the last hostess scheduled (at 6 pm) so that means I stay the latest.  So last night I was there really late, but it wasn’t too bad cause I got sucked into that 13 inning Phillies game on TV and my friend Michelle was the waitress there until 2 am, so we got to hang out and chat a little.

Today’s plans: Beach with my mom (OH YEAH BREN IS HERE!) & Wedding at One Atlantic this evening

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend my parents came for a visit and Uncle Mike, Aunt Cindy, Alex, and Aaron were all here so we had a full house (apartment)!  I was so happy that everyone wanted to come because I  had a rough few days at the beginning of the week because I was so lonely in the apartment by myself.

Friday evening, Mom and Dad showed up and we were able to hang out for a little before going to bed.  Saturday morning, we all got up fairly early and I headed to Mays Landing with Mom.  Mays Landing is about 15 minutes away and has all the stores you could imagine!  It was very comforting to find a Target, Bath and Body Works, Old Navy, and most importantly MICHAELS!  Saturday evening, I had my third day of work at The Cellar 32, but my whole family came in to eat.  They all said their food was really good! (They got to try it before I even did).  Hostessing isn’t very hard because I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for a while, but its always a little difficult learning everything because each place operates differently.

On Sunday we headed to the beach at Brigantine for a while before I headed to my internship in the early evening.  This was the first event I worked for my internship and it was a beautiful wedding!   I finally got the chance to meet the other intern, Kelsi. Whenever I work an event, the kitchen provides us with a dinner beforehand.  That night we had pasta with crab meat and asparagus, snap peas, and tuna tartar.  I had everything, but I wasn’t quite willing to try the raw tuna.   As an intern at a wedding, I follow the wedding planner, banquet manager, and also serve as a greeter for the guests.  Because One Atlantic’s events are private, greeters are located at the elevators and escalators to check in all guests before the ceremony.  In addition to this, I helped set up tea light candles on the reception tables and in the lobby for cocktail hour.  We also helped the planner direct guests throughout the entire timeline of the event.  Before the event concluded,  the interns and greeters were responsible for setting up the candy bar.  The couple bought an assortment of candies and take home boxes to serve as favors for their guests.  Overall, it was a good first event.  I’m looking forward to working another wedding next weekend and expanding my skills and knowledge in the event industry.

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On Monday we spent another lovely day on the beach! It was so nice to spend Memorial Day with my family.  It would not have been the same without them.  I’m truly blessed to have the family that I do.  I love them all very much!  And a special shoutout to my mom for bringing me personalized casserole dishes of homemade macaroni and cheese. She knows the way to my heart!

My dad’s weekend in photo summary:

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I’m feeling more and more settled here as each day passes.  I’ve learned all the main roads and no longer need to use my GPS to get to my three main points of interest (home, internship, work).  I also realized that almost anywhere I need to go is 15 minutes away so it makes timing things easy.  I also think I’ve finally mastered the parking garage after a week.

Now I’m gearing up for another full week! I’ll be working at The Cellar 4 evenings and working my internship 1 or 2 days along with an event on Saturday.  With the rate I’m going it seems like its going to be a VERY busy summer and when I’m not working I’m usually on the beach working on my tan!


P.S. I finally have lamps in my apartment so I no longer have to sit in the dark! 🙂

A Day Full of Firsts

Talk  about going from absolutely nothing to do for three days to doing everything within 13 hours…Today I started both my internship and my new part-time job as a hostess.

One Atlantic

So this morning I woke up at 8:15…I had to be at the office by 10, so I had plenty of time to get ready.  I was ready by like 8:45 so I relaxed a little with Kelly Rippa and Michael Strahan.  As I’m getting ready to leave at 9:15 I realize my keys are missing! GONE! CAN’T FIND THEM! My apartment is not that big so I had no clue where I could’ve possibly lost them. So of course I’m freaking out! I have a spare car key but then I had no way of locking and getting back in my apartment.  After about 5 minutes of panic and a phone call to my mom, I locate them in the bathroom I don’t use.  PROBLEM RESOLVED! So then I get in the car and start my 20 minute commute to work when I realize that the road I was on, wasn’t really anywhere near where I needed to be.  So I took a “lovely” detour through the back streets of Atlantic City on my commute.  GPS involved and PROBLEM RESOLVED! Then I get to the parking garage and let me tell you, a girl from Dillsburg does not do parking garages nor do I understand how you go up or down on levels. I was driving up the same rows for like 5 minutes I swear.  Finally I found a spot and PROBLEM RESOLVED! After all these issues I could’ve sworn I was going to be late for my first day.

photo (2)

Luckily I got there 2-3 minutes early.  Walk into the office and nobody’s there? So I just sit and wait and about 10 minutes later the first person comes in.  She said they had an event the night before that ran late so they were all probably straggling in a little later this morning.  Eventually they all come in and the day begins! I reviewed some paperwork with the director and then she assigned me to an event planner named Eileen.  So for the first three weeks of my internship I will be working with Eileen.  She introduced me to the softwares they use and showed me the kinds of correspondences they were having with brides, along with showing me the filing systems, insurance papers, and floorplans.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays, brides and grooms come in for tastings before their weddings.  The other event planner, Daniela had a tasting today so she let me sit in on it and take notes and observe.  The couple is getting married on October 4, 2014.  So they usually have their tastings 5-6 months out from their event date.  They were a very nice couple and even brought us all these wonderful chocolate covered pretzels!  They were from Bucks County, Pennsylvania so we talked a little about the area.  The bride always wanted to get married down the shore, but originally pictured an outdoor wedding on the beach.  After stumbling upon One Atlantic, they realized it was perfect because there is no issue with weather.  They were so sweet and even invited me to come back to their wedding to see it all executed! hahah So who knows?  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to taste any of the food today, but my time will come.  Everything looked so delicious!

Here are the butlered hors devours and desserts the couple tasted today! (All photos belong to One Atlantic)

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The Cellar 32

After my internship, I headed right over to my part-time job and chowed down my packed lunch before my shift at 5. Thanks to my friend Michelle, whom I know from Bloomsburg, I got a job at The Cellar 32 on Brigantine Island.  I will be working as a hostess, and possibly training as a server as time goes on.  I have a lot of experience working in restaurants both as a server and a hostess so a lot of things came very easily to me.  I haven’t hosted in like 3 years so I forgot how sloooooww it can be.  I’m used to serving and being the only server on and running around like a mad woman so this was very slow paced in comparison.  (Granted it was a Wednesday night out of season)  They said it really picks up in June/July and that tonight was very slow anyways.  I think I’m going to like it.  I met a lot of really nice girls that I can see myself hanging out with outside of work.


Today I hit the ground running with both jobs, but I love being busy.  I love having my relaxation time, but for now while I’m living alone, its really nice to be around other people all day and then come home at night and have my alone time.  I had a 13 hour day today between my two positions and the best part…I GET TO DO IT ALL AGAIN TOMORROW!

Goodnight All! ❤